Marisa Alcaide | Joins the in-house CANAL+ producing company in 1990, a creative hotbed where the first Pay-TV Channel in Spain was brewing. She says there she learned to make quality television and to respect the audience. During the 21 years of working for CANAL+ she occupied different trades, always in the content factory. Don't you think she settled down... Going from Production, Executive Producer and Direction, she has created more than 60 different tv programs including Documentaries, News, Magazines, and Special Events. In July 2011 she decides to leave her "home" of many years and goes independent. Creates Malasaña 39/30 with Yuke because he also likes to tell stories.


Yuke Ward | Began his journey as a Director working as a writer/producer in "The Wonderful World of Disney". Having forged his new artistic profile, including some striking eyeglasses and the mandatory long mane, he went freelance and never looked back. His CV mentions Calle 13 promos with domestic and international awards, and commercials, programs and promos for Canal +, documentaries for TVE, promotional work for the "The Prado Museum", and varios short-movies.